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Summer is here! For so many months we lived restricted as never before. So it’s time for fresh air outdoor activities. Even if it's while working away from home.

After experiencing remote working, we understand the advantages and disadvantages of setting our office away from corporate buildings.

We loose social connectiveness with our colleagues, we keep ourselves more isolated from others, but we manage to gain in terms of place and schedule flexibility.

Is it possible to work while you travel? Of course! Just make sure you travel with light and portable materials that keep you tuned with what is going on in the company.

You can sit by the pool or at the beach with access to wi-fi, but replace the heavy notebook by a thin and lightweight laptop board that will keep you posted with visible notes and tasks. And of course, don’t forget sun protection!

In case you need to attend videocalls, you can also check for coworking rooms nearby or find that perfect spot in the Hotel with access to a good quality wi-fi and free from disturbing noise.

Nevertheless, make sure you still have plenty of time to relax and enjoy those warm sunny days and recharge for office returning.