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It’s safe to say that this global pandemic gave a stronger push to the hybrid and remote work, that no one wasn’t accounted in the Future Office Trends. With an increase in teleworking, coworking spaces play a fundamental hosting role for hybrid workers and reshape the way we see workspaces today.

Many remote employees and freelancers choose to go at Coworking Cafe when they are looking for a refreshing alternative to home or office environments. So, it’s no surprise that coffee shops working has become massively popular.

And why wouldn’t it be? Many people like to work in a bustling but casual environment, love the tasty coffee and delicious pastries and snacks, and enjoy the fact that there’s no one there to disturb us in the middle of writing that report or presentation we’ve been trying to finish for a week.

We all know that, more and more, it’s important to find a good work/life balance. But it’s less well known that bringing a sense of home and common comfort into the workplace can support the wellbeing physically, cognitively and emotionally.

Saying this, Bi-silque advise you to consider the following trendy Cafe’s Design that can be applied to your brand, concept space and values:

Woman on a Coworking Cafe lounge Remote Working on a laptop, with a  Whiteboard installed on the wall behind her.

However, some of the most unique coworking cafe interiors around the world pull components from several different themes. Always feel free to customize your coffee shop to your brand, desires and customers’ needs while using these themes, or others, as guidelines or inspiration.