How To Make Your Business Outdoors More Attractive

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How To Make Your Business Outdoors More Attractive

Summer is here and people love eating and drinking outdoors, enjoying the sunshine or the fresh air. It’s the time of the year when the demand for outdoor seating at cafes and restaurants begins to grow and it’s your job is to make your outdoor seating area people’s favourite place.

Even if it is a sidewalk seating, rooftop bar, a front or backyard patio the main goal is to provide an excellent customer experience, right? And the experience begins before your guests even walk through your doors.

As people judge books by their covers, they will inevitably judge your restaurant by its exterior, so Visual Communication is very important.

Make sure your business outdoors stands out from the crowd

If you are looking to attract new customers, your business logo or storefront sign needs to be eye-catching, well placed, and big enough to be read from across the street.

You should consider the branding extension, the colors to use to stand out from the background, the lighting to be visible during night and the material durability according to the environment.

Display your menu outside

The best way to convince who passes by to choose your coffee shop or restaurant is to have the menu displayed. You can post the menu in a poster display on the wall beside the door or in a freestanding menu holder near the entrance of our outdoor space.

In case you do not want to or have space to posting the entire menu, consider highlighting your daily specials or the house specialties. It’s also a good idea to differentiate from the competition and promote gluten-free or vegan options, biologic or the food sustainability supplier chain.

Utilize adaptable signage

Chalkboards are a great way to keep customers updated: post daily specials, promote incoming events, write funny quotes or claim your takeaway service. With chalkboards, you can easily write and erase, staying current and update.

Be creative but make sure your message is aligned with your branding and consistent with what you claim. Remember to keep your message under 10 words if you aimed to catch the attention of drivers and those who quickly walking by.

Menu displayed on an A-frame chalckboard installed in a business outdoors.

Look for the right balance

You have the opportunity to make your space functional and organized as well as attractive. By using wall or floor signs you can improve the people flow into and out of your dining space, the path for the bathroom, or even the waiting area.

It’s also important to have your staff always informed about the needed tasks and procedures. One of the best solutions to use is the adhesive document holder because it gives the possibility to easily update the information, keeping the documents clean, and hold in any kind of flat surface.

Make your place instagram worthy

How many times did you saw an Instagram post with food? Or influencers that publicity their favorite restaurant and meals? Or even bloggers that use a vertical garden wall or painted mural to take a photo?

First, you also have to have your Instagram account with effective content and good pictures to ensure engagement. You can run a couple of contests and campaigns to catch people's attention and promotion feed and stories sharing.

Your food doesn’t have to be the only Instagrammable element of your restaurant. Murals, art installations, and other interesting exterior elements can make your restaurant a sought-after backdrop for posts.

So, improve your interior and outdoor space with instagrammable spots, add greenery to your space, highlight inspirational quotes, embrace sustainability and follow the trends.