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Holidays are very important moments, specially when you dedicate most of your time to a career. Getting out for holidays contribute to a healthy brain, emotional balance and connection with yourself and others: family, friends, etc. Having a break from daily business life will boost happiness and prepare you to a better returning to Office (or School).

After long days of lockdown many professionals and students are finally having quality leisure time. You may struggle with organization, but here are 5 tips to stick to your plans:

  1. Pick a planning board and keep your holidays activities visible.
  2. Leave free time to enjoy “dolce far niente”. Have nothing to do is a privilege.
  3. Make sure you plan visits and tours in a writing board for an extra motivation kick.
  4. Gather your tickets and travel documents and keep them at sight.
  5. Choose a To Do board to manage home tasks. Leave your home ready and cozy for your return. You will feel welcome back!

Planner boards are great tools to get organized. There are several options that adapt to several needs. A To Do list is perfect to remind and cross done tasks.

Week and Monthly planners are designed to plan and have a broad idea of incoming tasks. Choose versatile planners in neutral tones to fit both your décor and functionality needs.

Planning for the holidays will keep your motivation up, while setting your experience for success as you will feel more in control of what you need to carry and what you want to do in your leisure time.

Reconnect with the people you love; have time to relax and make sure you come back with a suitcase full of happy memories. Those memories are the wonderful motives to support you in more stressful times during the year!