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The beginning of September sometimes feels more like the New Year to some industries than January 1st does. It’s time to evaluate and plan, getting motivation to kick-start a new season of business growth.

Start this path by giving your team a welcome speech, with a positive and motivational tone, reminding everyone of the great things that happened in the last months, and presenting the objectives the company needs to accomplish by the end of the year. This will maintain the team focused on the goals and encourage collaboration.

After motivating your team and colleagues, look around and check if your workplace is organized, efficient and clean, as the 5S Lean Management Methods told us:

  • Sort out what is need in the work area;
  • Set in Order your tools, materials and information;
  • Shine giving to the work area a deep clean;
  • Standardise your area and tasks to better maintain it in order;
  • Sustain all the previous “Ss” to implement order, improving efficiency and eliminate waste.

Check out your emails and organize a To-Do List, planning your next projects and weeks and prioritizing what needs to be done. Do not rush this process because it will dictate the success and efficiency of your work.

Planning and To-Do lists are great way to keep tasks organized and visible, but they can also be poor motivators if they end up being too long, vague, or even, confusing. It is truly important to stay focused and you can use Kanban Method or another one you feel more comfortable using.

You’ve got this! And in just a few days or weeks, you will be fully back in work mode, ready to put your best foot forward! I hope these tips ease your transition from vacation to work.