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Covid-19 has changed many daily habits, mostly due to the social distancing requirements. The virus had a huge impact on the way people work and collaborate. Although the home has become the place to STAY SAFE from Covid while still working, some job positions still require people to work from the office, reason why there is an urgent need for companies to create safe workspaces that ensure the health and protection of all employees.

Cleaning, sanitizing, and handwashing are essential to help stop the spread of the virus, and hand sanitizer dispensers are great touchless solutions that provide efficient disinfection of the hands, helping people stay safe from viruses and bacteria.

Crises like the Coronavirus pandemic highlight the importance of effective collaboration for long-term success. The diversity of experience allows a company to view risks and opportunities from different perspectives so that it can generate new solutions and adapt dynamically to changing situations.

Collaboration and organization are foundations for success in all businesses and visual communication products are great tools to help companies stay on track.

Protector Dividers are great solutions to help people maintain contact and collaborate while remaining protected. These products are designed to respond to the most challenging workspaces and are available on two different surfaces: glass and acrylic.

Top view of six wokers with Acrylic Protectores over their desks, an effective solution for safe workspaces.

The Protector U-Shape Acrylic Desk Divider is ideal for shared office spaces, public and governmental services. Portable and lightweight, the product can be easily moved to different areas when necessary, providing a dynamic and, most of all, safe working environment. The Crystal-clear panels are resistant to impact and make these products writeable and easy to clean and disinfect.

Not only this range provides social distancing while still helping people to collaborate, the protector series include products that promote visual communication, as the writable surface is ideal to display notes and ideas.

Our routines are changing as our lives are upheaved by the changes brought by COVID-19. Join us and learn more about how you can help your team and create productive and safe workspaces.

It is up to each one of us to make the most out of this New Normal Era.