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The pandemic forced the reconfiguration of workstations. Some companies are taking this opportunity to create hybrid workspaces. As people will likely keep working from home, the quality of space is now more important than size. This might lead to the trim down of square footage or even a change in location.

At the same time, a significant number of businesses are adapting their traditional open-plan spaces. Future workspaces must convey the new working standard.

Wellness at work is fundamental

The companies that need to get employees back on-site must ensure a safe environment. But the need to optimize spaces around safety and productivity impacts the offices' layout.

Workplace design for well-being is not a recent trend but the pandemic has shone a new light on this concept. During the lockdown, people rediscovered the importance of human connection. And while digital tools allowed co-workers to engage and stay in touch, physical interaction is still essential.

It's difficult to form good working relationships with people you’ve never met in person. Fewer or zero opportunities to interact in person make teamwork and collaboration harder.

While cultural context plays a major role in work dynamics, allowing people to interact, at an individual level or as part of a team, is paramount. Promoting a lasting sense of well-being in future workspaces is a challenge but also an opportunity. Wellness of mind and body and leads to productive, engaged, and healthy employees.

Why viscom items are the right fit for future workspaces

Visual communication products are the right choice to create spaces with well-being at their core. Want to write and plan? Whiteboardsmobile boards, and planners are available. Want to display notes and ideas? Use notice boards.

Viscom products will not only help grab the attention of the audience, but they will also enhance the creative-thinking flow by bringing life into meetings in a more effective and engaging way.

Monthly magnetic dry erase planner and mobile board

Bring home into the workplace to improve office atmosphere

Resimercial design - “residential” and “commercial" put together - has gained momentum as well. It blends home elements into the contemporary workspaces, with textures and materials that evoke a sense of comfort. An environment where people enjoy spending time reduces stress and promotes productivity.

COVID-19 is still spreading around the globe and disrupting many lives, but we've found new ways to live alongside it. Companies have had to adapt and evolve. Now it's critical to find long-term solutions, so they are set up for wellness and business success.

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