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Covid-19 has changed the way people live, work, and collaborate. As people are getting back to offices all around the world, there is an urgent need for companies to ensure the health and safety of all employees.

During this transition, businesses and schools will need to put appropriate measures in place to reduce the spread of Covid-19 and keep people safe.

As society starts to get back to a new normal in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis, organizations have a duty of care to their employees to ensure a safe return to work and to create working conditions for staff that reflect government guidelines.

Designed to respond to the most challenging workspaces, antimicrobial products are great tools to help people collaborate while still being protected. Once manufactured into a product, BioCote® antimicrobial technology acts in minutes and works continuously and permanently for the expected lifetime of the treated product.

BioCote® Technology additive in products like whiteboards and cork boards, inhibit the bacteria to reproduce. Antimicrobial accessories can be reusable and are great to help plan and collaborate in a safer environment.

A performance test was implemented to prove the hygiene benefits of these products in a real-life situation, using this technology.

Data collected showed that all products had a significant bacteria reduction of 99%, do not wear off or wash away and reduce the risk of spreading harmful micro-organisms.

Still not sure why you should choose these products protected against microbes? Here are 5 reasons to help you decide:

  1. Doesn’t wear off or wash away
  2. Achieves a reduction in surface microbes level
  3. Provides an important second layer of defense
  4. Reduces the risk of spreading harmful micro-organisms
  5. Helps health procedures against infectious agents