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At some point in your work journey, you’ve heard about Kaizen, Lean and Six-Sigma as great and successful philosophies for continuous improvement in any industry.

While Kaizen is focused on making small steps to change and adopt a better process featuring a big result, Lean is the method of waste elimination in order to improve process speed and quality, and Six-Sigma is a set of tools to limit defects and variability of the final product.

So, embracing Lean and Six-Sigma, Kaizen methodology looks to improve all aspects through standardizing processes, increasing efficiency, and eliminating waste by involving everyone in making improvements, and being a cross-functional team.

To boost the Kaizen methodology is crucial to adopt the Kaizen Event meetings, an essential tool to identify wastes and develop experiments for problem-solving and process improvements, ensuring the team’s commitment to act.

How to lead a Kaizen Event?

First, you need to select the team members to ensure that all the departments are represented and share with them the purpose, scope, deliverables and agenda of the 2 sessions.
Also, share what are the 7 types of process waste because it will be the base of the analyses during the “Waste walk” and action plan.

Session 1 is completed with a welcome brief, waste walk in the workplace (for wastes observation and listing), group discussion on the individual notes, prioritization of the identified opportunities, brainstorming until a solution is identified and an action plan with assignments defined.

Session 2 is completed with kaizen improvement list briefing, review and approval of the new standard work procedure, picking up another kaizen experiment of the same scope previously identified and defining the action plan.

And so on until all the problems are identified in the waste walk being reviewed.

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