Bi-Office Sync Meeting Tools - Your Bad Meeting Days Are Over

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Bi-Office Sync Meeting Tools - Your Bad Meeting Days Are Over

You arrive at a critical meeting and the person who called it is running late because of a previous meeting that ran long. Some of your colleagues are discussing last night's game and you're wondering how much time will be spent on an actually important issue. Only one person remembered getting notes from before, but there's just one copy available for everyone. Does this sound or feel familiar? It can happen often enough, so you’re not alone if it does.

Unproductive meetings are a problem

According to the Harvard Business Review, meetings are unproductive when they take place too often with a few people dominating conversations and leaders failing to create an environment where attendees really wrestle with ideas. In addition, these meetings lack purpose.

In other words, a bad meeting is one that lacks intention and does not allow participants to collaborate effectively. It also has a poor structure that does not keep the dialogue on task or behind the common goal of collaboration.

study has shown that only 17% of the leaders polled are satisfied with how productive their meetings are. 71% were dissatisfied and 62% say they missed opportunities to bring the team closer together in meetings. This is also supported by a recent McKinsey survey which found out that 61% of leaders say they waste most of their decision-making time on ineffective activities, too.

Meetings are a waste of time and money. Professionals spend an average of 2 hours per week in meetings, which adds up to over $541 billion worth of resources, as of 2019. The average professional spends 3 hours a week in meetings – meaning that two-thirds of all meetings happen unnecessarily or are a waste. In the following year, 24 billion hours were lost to pointless meeting time cumulatively.

It is odd that this problem isn’t a top priority for anyone. But we can fix this on our own. In fact, everyone - including you - has the power to avoid unproductive meetings. Thankfully, now you have a variety of tools to help you prevent bad meetings from happening.

Make meetings great again

Bi-Office Sync Meeting Tools (with subtitles) from Bi-silque on Vimeo.

Bi-Office Sync Meeting Tools are the ace up your sleeve against fruitless meetings. You can implement these tools and regulate the procedures surrounding your meetings.

This means having an agenda beforehand, making sure that only those who can contribute meaningfully to each item are there, and taking notes throughout as well as deciding on a follow-up plan.

A good meeting can inspire creativity, collaboration, and overall happiness in the workplace. When you learn how to run them effectively, they're not only an asset for productivity – they're also inspiring.

Whether you're new to meetings or have been around for a while, we've got you covered. The following tools can help turn a bad meeting into something worth your time.

Meeting templates

Take a few moments to make sure that everyone’s time is well spent. No more wasting people’s working hours, focus, and energy. You can use our templates in the meetings below:

  • Daily Stand-Up
  • Hard Focus
  • Retrospective
  • 1-on-1
  • Brainstorming
  • Remote Work
  • Kaizen Event

Custom boards

Visual representations of work make planning and updating easier, besides improving collaboration during meetings. Pick the customised board that better matches your way of working:

  • Eisenhower Matrix
  • Kanban
  • Brainstorm
Bi-Office Sync Meeting Tools: businesspeople having a meeting in the office using an easel with a Brainstorming Custom Board.

In this new era, the default way to share information is through meetings. However, with a few tweaks, they can be a more effective means of sharing information, one that leaves employees feeling inspired rather than frustrated. 

Effective meetings involve limited meeting times, thorough agendas, and a deep focus on listening. Additionally, inclusion is key, and decisions should be made on the spot in order for everyone to feel like their needs have been addressed.

You never have to waste another minute of your life in bad meetings again. Now, you can make them as productive as they could and should be.

More time for yourself means getting more done - everyone else will follow suit and be empowered to do the same. You'll find that people are more appreciative and productive, which in turn will lead to more efficient teams.

Stop wasting valuable time. Step up your meeting game with Bi-Office Sync Meeting Tools.