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Collaboration, Communication and Teamwork are valuable skills to develop future professionals. However, individual learning is crucial to allow students to learn at their own pace and focus on areas they are most interested in.

Why immersive self-study is important

We all learn in different ways and individual learning is key to reduce frustration feelings, anxiety, or boredom.

Self-studying is a learning method where students direct their own studying, outside the classroom and without direct supervision. Students are able to take control of what they are learning and how they are learning. Self-study can be a very valuable way for many students to learn.

Individual learning and traditional classroom learning can be used together to help children get the most out of his or her learning experience. These methods help students learn and retain information better, helping boost comprehension, grades, and motivation.

Many schools have immersion corners for students to practice self-learning. They can listen to music while investigating some problem or reading about a certain topic.

By creating several learning possibilities, school can improve the way they address each student individuality and improve their learning experience.

Must have items to build an immersion corner

1. Cozy furniture like a bean bag an a small table

Keep the environment unformal and comfortable. The student will prefer to immerse in studies from an environment where he or she feels comfortable and motivated.

2. A whiteboard to post initial questions and themes to explore

Creating a focal point for the student to concentrate is a great idea. Better idea is to post it where it can easily be seen. This will help students to get back on track in case they loose themselves in the immersive study.

Boy showing what is presented on a Bi-Office Schoolmate whiteboard to four children watching him.

3. A laptop board to make quick notes

Self-study brings a lot of ideas and things to remember to search. Having a laptop board to make notes will make the difference.

Lapboard Kid School

Many countries are experiencing a persistent gap between the skills needed in the labour market and those offered by the workforce. Having self-study skills make students more versatile and better prepared for future labour market needs.

Being prepared is essential to become a great self-studier. Build an immersive self-study corner and make sure the student has all the study tools needed to make the most of each self-study session. Prepare it with informal and comfortable assets adapted to the student age and taste!