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A project kick-off meeting is the best opportunity for project managers to set the right tone for the weeks and months ahead. It is the moment when the team is excited to see the project begin, and this is a great time to set the room at ease and create a more collaborative atmosphere.

A great to set a successful meeting is to prepare a solid agenda and clearly communicate the information the team will need. Elements such as planning and writing boards can help you build a framework that will make every project kickoff meeting a success.

Sometimes, projects tend to involve multiple companies, business units, and departments. The project manager must spend a few minutes early on the meeting to give a summary of the business case for the project and the general objectives it is supposed to meet.

A kick-off meeting is the perfect timing to set all the agenda items and detail them when necessary. It is important to be sure that everyone understands what is in and out of scope for the project, and what deliverables the project team is expected to provide at the end.

Once the project goals and deliverables are uncovered, the managers should identify each group, team, or individual who will be working on the project and give a brief description of their responsibilities at each project phase.

A kick-off meeting is usually not the time to delve into specific task deadlines or assignments, but it is important to communicate the high-level project schedule.

This is also the time to give the stakeholders some details on the communication channels, meeting schedules, and project management tools that will be used to manage the project.

Mobile boards and printed boards are great visual communication tools to help teams stay on track regarding timelines and tasks, from the kickoff meeting to the final wrap-up. Organization and planning are a foundation for success in every company and viscom products are a great support to organize tasks and projects.

These types of products along with the right accessories give teams the flexibility to create planning systems to better suit their needs.