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Nowadays, when people plan where to stay on vacations or where to go out to dinner is more about the experience, “instagrammable” spaces and pleasant moments, than just the food, drinks or a comfortable room.

Of course, customers expect the best service, according to the level they will pay for but what makes the difference is what they experience. One way to offer these feelings to customers is Zoning. It means breaking the space down into several smaller spaces with different functionalities and different aesthetic designs. It can be applied from the hotel lobby, rest or play areas, to the common areas, bar or restaurants and outdoors lounges.

Some people come to enjoy a meal, some to escape from busy days, some to socialize with friends or family and others to simply work in a stunning place. All have different instant needs and all can use the same space.

So, it is essential to create, for any area, a combination of an atmosphere of warmth, relaxation and privacy for guests, aligned to the functionalities with easy access. The spaces and paths must have clear and visual communication to enhance and guide the people flow.

Zoning can be achieved simple, fast and cost-effective way by using good furniture and comfortable seats, lighting schemes, different textures and patterns giving each space its own personality and reinforcing the feeling of privacy in applicable areas.

For areas that are noisy and crowded by nature, you can provide privacy, comfort and attractive design through semi-closed and sound absorption solutions that will allow guests to read a book, listen to podcasts, make phone calls or have a private conversation. Archyi. Sculpo collection has the perfect products for your space and your customers’ requirements.

Implementing zoning in your hotel can provide benefits beyond the initial goal of customer improved satisfaction. Because, when executed well, it provides the varied sub-uses of space with the same resources, which brings scaled economy and it also gives a sense of booked place even when it’s not so busiest.

Balance, flexibility and design are the key to take outcomes from the Zoning trend.