The Perfect Set-Up for Skilled Learning Scientists

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The Perfect Set-Up for Skilled Learning Scientists

There’s no doubt that the world is changing rapidly. And, as a result, the skills that we need to succeed are also changing. So, what are the XXI century skills that we need to master in order to be successful? Some of the most important XXI century skills include critical thinking and problem-solving; effective communication; collaboration; flexibility and use of technology.

To accomplish all these skills, students need to go through different ways of learning and teachers need to adapt to new ways of teaching. Research groups were created to deliver this new model of Education and all facts point to the effectiveness of designing a Learning Lab type of class. Since the opening of the Future Classroom Lab in January 2012, European Schoolnet and its 34 supporting Ministries of Education have worked to develop visions for the school of the future and strategies on how to make them a reality.

In Learning Labs, teachers engage in learning about and trying out an instructional activity in a classroom with students. It is a useful tool for exploring new ideas and putting them into practice immediately, developing a focus on learning goals, developing a culture of collaboration among participant teams, and increasing the capacity for educators to integrate new learning into their classrooms.

When it comes to educational facilities, zoning the new buildings and reformulation the existing space in older facilities will accommodate the learning labs approach easily. Students will be guided from area to area as they need to investigate the theme, question, or problem given by the teacher at the beginning of the class. Their group will get all the help needed from existing assets and knowledge among the group members to reach a conclusion. This comprises individual learning, group tasks, cross groups presentations, etc

See in the figure below how can a zoned education facility looks like and what type of activities are done in each area:

Each learning area has a certain layout, furniture and assets that integrate the needs of the group in several stages of the learning process. This process focusing on the ability to develop the XXI century skills requires puzzle tables, mobile chairs, writing boards, mobile writing boards, display boards and other technological resources such as interactive panels, computers, etc.

Getting access to this new approach is a great way to improve personal and professional skills. It can open up new opportunities and help both students and teachers to reach their full potential. Start mastering and honing XXI century skills and you’ll be on your way to a bright future!

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