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Back to School is the second-biggest shopping season of the year. For Brands and market players who sell notebooks, backpacks, and other school essentials, it’s a make-or-break season.

With Bi-Office products for school and personal organisation you will find a wide range of whiteboardsnoticeboards and planners that count with lots of customer’s feedback making it easy to opt by the best solution for your needs.

We know that pandemic situation brought an increased need for planners, to do lists and schedules. Bi-Office Personal boards have a wide range of planners that will make your return to daily activities an easier and happier moment.

Organisation is one of the key elements for students as well as employees. To become more productive and have a better balance between work and personal life, Studies and relaxing activities, you need to plan.

How to choose the best planner for your office & study area at home?

  1. Make sure you know the size available to put the planner board

Measure the wall and make sure you have and idea of how you want it to look like. You can create a wonderful Gallery Wall with several board surfaces, pictures and some plants for a nice splash of Nature.

  1. Select the best planning model or models to fit your lifestyle: Tasks PlannerWeek Planner; Monthly Planner or Even Yearly Planner

You can have more than one board in your study corner. Mixing more than one surface and combine them with a planner will increase the wall’s functionality.

Personal Task Planner Board
Personal Gallery Wall
  1. The frame colour will have impact in the decoration. Make sure you pick an option that fits your working area's style

The best option is to keep it neutral, so you can fit the board anywhere, even if you move your study are or simply decide for a decoration refresh.

Personal Gallery Wall Task Planner