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Nowadays, studying online has become the new normal and brought unique challenges for many students who were used to in-person classes.

Distractions, self-motivation difficulty and lack of time management are a reality of distance learning but also in the classroom’s lessons.
Students needs to be serious about their education, learn how to manage time, set their daily schedules and study despite constant distractions at home.

It is crucial to pick an area that will be used only for study and homework, because when they get there, their brain will automatically enter work mode.
Having a comfortable, organised, and efficient study area will allow them to study more effectively and get rid of timewasters.
The best way to enhance a study environment is having an organised desk, good lighting and create an energizing atmosphere adapted to their personal style.

Create a Gallery Wall concept to have all in one place

Organization is a key elements for students, so having all the tools in just one place will boost their productivity and focus.

One way to go is to put boards on the wall and leave more desk space for computers and books.
You should select more than one board for their study corner because mixing surfaces and combining them with a planner board will upgrade the overall functionality.

Choose Writing Boards to leave thoughts, reminders and creative-thinking flow ideas and Notice Boards to display important information, study guides, notes, and pictures.

Add a Weekly or Monthly Planner to keep classes, homework, and activities visible, and to make it easy to track assignments, tasks and evaluation dates.

A Clock Board is also a great idea! This 3-in-1 organisation tool features a magnetic erasable memo board with a clock and a calendar.
Allows the time and date checking, writing notes, school schedule or the to-do list while attaching pictures on the magnetic surface.

Pastel, our favorite study area's style decor!

Often linked to optimism, playfulness, and lightness, Pastel colours send off positive and calming vibes. This makes tones like mint greens or light blues a great match for children’s rooms and study spaces.

You can create a wonderful Pastel Gallery Wall with several board surfaces, pictures and motivational quotes.
Offer your children a cozy and peaceful space to increase productivity, concentration and intellectual capacity.