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Mobile whiteboards in manufacturing and factory environments are a vital tool for any working practice. From scheduling production and working through Root Cause Analysis, to communicating messages, targets, and safety information.

They can also be extremely beneficial for manufacturers who want to implement Lean manufacturing methods, as they help to highlight goals and track progress.

Your company's success depends on clear and consistent communication of goals to all employees. By prominently displaying these goals on a whiteboard, everyone will know what is expected of them and be held accountable.

When written on a whiteboard in a manufacturing environment, the goals can be updated as needed, and progress can be easily monitored.

If you're looking to ensure that your business is hitting its targets for safety, quality, delivery, and cost, then a whiteboard visual management system is a valuable tool.

By keeping you updated on progress and underlining any areas where you're falling behind, it gives you the opportunity to make corrections before missing an important customer deadline or delivering sub-standard products.

Why Mobile Whiteboards Are the Right Solution for Lean Production

The goal of Lean production is to minimise waste and maximise efficiency. To accomplish this, Lean production boards typically utilise a variety of processes, such as 5S, Kaizen, and Corrective Action Programs.

Lean production boards help organisations run more smoothly and efficiently: Continuous Improvement is made visual and the employees in charge of the whiteboards take ownership and pride in the results.

Different types of boards can be used to present information in different ways. For instance, wall-mounted whiteboards present it in a static way.

Mobile whiteboards, on the other hand, can be placed in areas that are the focus of improvement efforts and then moved to the next improvement-focus station. This represents a more dynamic presentation of information.

Industrial Ultrabrite Revolver Whiteboard displaying information on a factory floor.

They provide flexibility and functionality. Information no longer needs to be fixed to a wall, you can take it to the teams. With this mobility, employees don’t have to waste time going back and forth on the shop floor.

Mobile whiteboards with a stand are not the only option for displaying information. There are also mobile whiteboard cabinets and rotating information boards available to help you boost productivity and efficiency.

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