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Some people spend weeks, months even, counting down the days until it becomes socially acceptable to do all those Christmas activities they love so much. If you are one of those people, keep reading.

No matter how old you are, there's just something about the magic of Christmas that makes us feel like little kids again. And now that your favourite time of the year is finally here, you don’t want to waste it.

Get into the holly jolly spirit and start new traditions or add a few more to your festivities schedule. You can't go wrong with incorporating activities for all of December or just creating lasting memories on the 24th.

You want to make sure this special time is enjoyed and appreciated by the whole family. It’s a different way to experience Christmas that can fill the holiday season with truly unforgettable moments.

The hardest part? Coming up with the right activities and actually going through with them. The lead-up to the big day can also be very stressful. Establishing a program is easier said than done. After all, balancing busy schedules with budgets and family interests is no easy task, but don’t let the prep work stop you.

Be prepared and have a stress-free christmas

To help take some of the pressure out of the most wonderful time of the year, you need to plan ahead. You’ll still have time to worry about the cleaning, cooking, and shopping that's still not done. If you don’t get organised and try to do this day by day, you might feel overwhelmed and unprepared.

Start with choosing what you want to do and use it to count down to Christmas, and to create the ultimate holiday bucket list. Here are some suggestions of family bonding activities that will set the stage for lifelong memories:

  1. Put the tree up and decorate it
  2. Decorate the outside of your house
  3. Make a Christmas list
  4. Write a letter to Santa
  5. Family game night
  6. Watch Christmas film classics
  7. Make a Christmas cookies and eggnog

Make your christmas a little merrier

If something comes up and you need to change things, just switch the activities out. Do whatever works better for you. Put the fun in functional and use a chalkboard to schedule, set up the countdown, and draw Christmas motifs. Keep track of your tasks and update them at will. Add a personal touch to your home.

Rustic chalkboard on a dinnig room wall with Christmas Menu written on it.

In addition to decorating our home in a particular way, chalkboards are very useful, versatile, and can help in everyday life. Its rustic aesthetics creates a warm and cosy interior, perfect for the season. Both the rugged wood frame and the chalk surface hold a very natural, charming, and vintage look.

Make the most of your holiday season and get into the Merry and Joyful spirit in every way imaginable. All things considered, the whole point of having these countdown activities is to enjoy them as a family and make memories while having fun. To connect during this busy season. To take a break from the everyday hustle and appreciate each other.

Remind yourself that Christmas is about so much more than opening presents and throwing a social-media-perfect party. Let’s do our very best to cherish every one of these special moments with our loved ones.

Prepare for the best Christmas ever and chalk your home up!