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The holidays can be a stressful time for your employees, as they may have family or religious duties, alongside trying to squeeze a lot of work in before the end of the year. Bringing a little Christmas spirit to the workplace shows employee appreciation while improving morale and maintaining productivity.

Take this chance to thank everyone for their hard work over the year and recognise their contributions. Sprinkling the factory floor with Christmas activities lets them know you acknowledge their time and effort, especially considering how tough these past years have been.

It’s also a great approach to earn employee loyalty, bond with co-workers, and have them looking forward to returning to work in the new year. In essence, a positive and enjoyable work environment with camaraderie at its core will benefit your business by:

  • Underlining company values
  • Promoting team bonding
  • Improving motivation

How to harness the power of christmas spirit

Having to work every day during the holiday season can be hard, but there is something you can do to boost the festive spirit. The point is to enjoy the holiday season and use employee engagement to good advantage. So, why not carry out some factory Christmas activities? That said, here are 5 ideas to add some Christmas cheer to the shop floor:

1. Put up the traditional decorations in the common spaces to get everyone excited about the holidays. Use Adhesive Document Holders to scatter snowmen, reindeer, candy canes, and Santas around.

2. Play Secret Santa with workers from across different teams. It’s a great way to support interaction between people who don’t usually spend time together while assuring that everyone receives a gift this Christmas.

3. Have a Christmas Accessory Day to bring in some humour, you can even make it a competition and pick the best one. Your factory staff will get to experience stress relief from laughter. Just make sure the accessories do not compromise their work safety.

4. Organise a "Giving Tree" for employees to donate physical items from a charity’s wish list to bring people together and give back to your community. Announce what you were able to collect to the whole company, so people can have a moment to feel proud of their contribution.

5. Host an Awards Gala and reward the best corporate values shown by your workers. Take the opportunity to celebrate your employees and to motivate them to keep improving their work performance. Announce it on Display Cases so nobody misses the grand event.

Ultrabrite Display Case on a factory wall with a Christmas Gala Announcement.

Social events like Christmas activities are a major part of the organisational culture. If you stop entertaining them out of nowhere, your employees might start to question the company’s values. Remind them what your business is about and that you stand by its mission statements.

Seize this merry opportunity to create community spirit among colleagues, and, as a result, maximise employee satisfaction and engagement